3 ways to become a great godmother/godfather

1. Be The Fun “Aunt/Uncle:”

Especially when the child is young, enjoy being your Godchild’s indulgent, doting “aunt or uncle.” I’m not suggesting you buy your way into his or her heart with toys, trips to theme parks and gallons of ice cream. Sure, when you can, treat both of you to some bonding over mint chocolate chip. However, it’s the bonding that’s most important. And, with children, fun is the quickest way to their heart. Mix the fun with your undivided attention and you’ve got the perfect foundation for building a lifetime of trust and respect. (Not to mention you’re giving Mom a nice break for the day.)

2. Make Time Together a Priority:

If you live close, make monthly or quarterly dates where the two of you do something special together. An afternoon in the park, a trip to the science center or zoo, a G-rated movie followed by lunch at Chick-fil-A are all fun and inexpensive outings. A day at your house making crafts, coloring, playing in the yard, or baking cookies are great, too. The options for fun and conversation are limitless.

Maintaining a close connection is vital to being a good Godmother/Godfather. When your Godchild is young, your time together is setting the stage for moving from doting aunt/uncle to the trusted and respected confidant and advice giver you’ll want to be in his or her teen and adult years.

3. Keep Connected Even if Miles Separate You:

If you don’t live close, connect with your Godchild via FaceTime, Google Chat or Skype so that it feels more like one-on-one time. When the child is young you could even send copies of coloring page(s) in advance, color together as you chat and then compare pictures.

If your Godchild is in the teen years, send them private messages on Facebook, text them a weekly hello, send a Vine video, Snapchat photo or whatever social media platform they enjoy. If some of these terms sound foreign to you, Google them. Keep current so that you can relate to your Godchild on his or her terms at this point in their life. It will help you keep the bound first formed in childhood, and strengthen it, so they turn to you, someone who has their best at heart, when they seek advice in the shaky ground of the teen years.

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