Lilian was born in Canada from Greek immigrants. Since a little girl, Lilian always wanted to dressed up with style and personality. At the age of 18 as she was visiting her parents hometown Gytheio (Yethio) in Greece, she felt in love with the town, and the weather so she decided to work in order to be able to stay.

Due to her love to babies and the luck of childrenswear in this region she decided to start a new business. LilKids Boutique was starting dressing the little kids of the town and many kids for Christening. People respected what she was offering as a result more people trusted her for their children styles and apparel.

After a short duration of business Lilian’s shop got fire and all of the clothes and her equipment destroyed, without having any insurance. Lilian was very disappointed and then she started thinking about moving next to her parents in Canada. After this she went back to Canada to chill due to overworked. When she went back in Gytheio she found all the people of the town next to her side to remake and re-open her shop.

And that didn’t take too long. In a short time she achieved to re-open her shop and start making style for the children. In a short period she managed to expand her business in all the region of Lakonia in Greece as the best and the most respectful childrenswear shop.

Today Lilian’s shop is in a classical building in the center of the city own by herself. Her building is being awarded by many municipal authorities as the most beautiful classical building, and a adornment building of Gytheio. Lilian today is one of the most appreciable business owners in Lakonia, serving the best style for all the young children and having the best-sell products for Christening (Baptism).

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