• Should you become a Godparent?

    Someone you know and love has just given birth. Several days after the birth you receive a phone call. It’s the parents asking you if you will be the child’s godparent. You are extremely flattered and touched and you would love nothing more than to accept. However, you know that you should give the offer […]

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  • Christening Dresses

    Christening gowns are important outfits for infants born into religious families. These services are held in order to bless the child and thank the Lord for his/her safe arrival into this world. The child who is being christened wears a special christening gown for this important service. Many people feel that choosing a christening gown [...] Continue Reading
  • Christening Ideas: Food

    Salted caramel cupcakes and caramel apples with a twist Alice in Wonderland themed sweets and food Cake Pops Cupcakes

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  • 5 tips to throw a brilliant christening ceremony

    Organizing the perfect christening-type ceremony can be seriously stressful stuff – but it is something one can manage… Whether you’re religious or not, it’s lovely to have some kind of official occasion to celebrate the birth of your child – if for no other reason than to get together with family and friends, you haven’t […]

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  • 3 ways to become a great godmother/godfather

    1. Be The Fun “Aunt/Uncle:” Especially when the child is young, enjoy being your Godchild’s indulgent, doting “aunt or uncle.” I’m not suggesting you buy your way into his or her heart with toys, trips to theme parks and gallons of ice cream. Sure, when you can, treat both of you to some bonding over […]

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